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We offer online self-paced, virtual and on-site ethics compliance awareness education aimed at creating awareness, understanding and a deeper knowledge with regards to the effective identification, detection, prevention, and response to ethics matters, misconduct and/or non-compliance. Awareness education is of the utmost importance in the fight against fraud, corruption and unethical conduct, and also shows commitment to ethics-compliance by senior management in supporting the compliance tone at the top.


Awareness sessions, workshops, ethics-compliance surveys, and employee engagements are focused on enhancing skills and understanding associated with ethical behaviours on all levels. We offer customized workshops, group, and one-on-one sessions including survey exercises, as well as online awareness modules tailored to your organization's ethics-compliance needs, policies, and procedures.


We also offer generic ethics-compliance related material based on real-world experiences and applied practices across multiple business processes and industries.  

Training material is presented as generic or may be prepared as industry or client-specific educational modules.


Book us now to arrange on-line self-paced awareness education, awareness session, a talk or ethics event as part of your team-building, strategic sessions, or any other company function.


organisational commitment


It is important to set the tone by engaging employees all levels of seniority within the organisation. Some organizations are of the view that ethics and compliance awareness and/or education is not intended for senior managers. This line of thought does not support the notion of the “tone at the top” and creates the impression that ethics and compliance training is inferior and not a necessity within the organisation. 


the importance of ethics awareness


In today's fast paced world, business environments, practices and processes are often exposed to fraud risk, corrupt activities, unethical behaviours and other forms of non-compliance. As such you need to raise the level of awareness, knowledge and responsiveness within your organisation in order to effectively prevent, detect and respond to inappropriate and unethical conduct.

Continuing Professional Development

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We currently run four continuing professional development (CPD) sessions, including:


       Introduction to whistle-blowing

       Introduction to Bribery and Corruption

       Ethical decision-making

       Introduction to Fraud Risk and Investigations

Other non-CPD awareness sessions: 

        Conflicts of interest

        Gifts, Hospitality and travel

        Harassment and bullying

        Sexual harassment

        Business ethics

        Workplace ethics

        Internal investigations