Audience response


We apply anonymous or identified participant voting technology in creating a responsive and interactive awareness education environment. We also measure and assess potential fraud and/or other compliance risks during our interactions with employees where required by the client. This interactive process is applied during group sessions such as our virtual education sessions, workshops, group ethics-compliance discussions, skip level interaction, or during general or informal staff talks.


Some departments and/or companies do have periodical staff sessions, such as coffee talks, town-hall sessions, or just manager/supervisor talks/training sessions. We can attend and share ethics related presentations during these talks, i.e. presentations on corruption, ethics, harassment, bullying, nepotism, fraud, etc. 


During these sessions we are able to facilitate interaction with delegates aimed at identifying staff experiences and/or perceptions regarding the chosen topics, or in general. See below some screen prints of material, questions, and the respective reporting methodology applied. 


These sessions are very informative and may provide guidance as to the ethics/compliance perception/status of your organisation, and may further contribute to your fraud risk management program. In addition, feedback on ethics and compliance topics covered during these sessions may provide valuable input regarding staff perceptions, morale, and happy levels. The information and outcomes gathered may also be used in reporting on certain ethics and compliance aspects during annual audits and/or fraud risk assessments. 


Non-training related application


We will also provide the same voting service for non-training related sessions or meetings, such as voting during board meetings, selection of school boards, general question and answer sessions, fraud and/or business risk assessments, fraud risk or compliance maturity and/or effectiveness assessments, etc. We can assist in providing access to digital voting during most events. 


Examples of ethics-compliance questions and responses: