About on-line hosting


In today's risk based environment, learning and awareness needs to go to the next level and in addition, online business has increased significantly. You may be having difficulty in selling training in either the virtual or face-to-face environment, we will assist you in developing and uploading your material to our live Learning Management System. Your intellectual property will remain your own, we just host your training on our site. 


Your material will be advertised with the site, and as such will gain exposure without you having to lift a finger. It will however be helpful and more effective if you do some selling too. 


So, do you have training material that you wish to convert into on-line training, and do you need a learning management system (LMS) from where your delegates may access the training as self-paced on-line learning. If the answer is yes, feel free to contact us to take this forward. 


We can assist in the following: 

  1. Convert you Power Point and questions to online Scorm-2 compliant material;
  2. Upload material directly into the LMS (non-scorm-2 material):
  3. Upload the scorm or other format material to our LMS;
  4. Your material will be marketed with our LMS;
  5. Register and upload your delegates;
  6. Communicate log-in details with your delegates;
  7. Collect credit/debit card payments on your behalf;
  8. Administrate the LMS on your behalf;
  9. Create and provide digital feedback on attendance and completion. 



Provide you with read only admin rights to monitor attendance of your learning material;

Provide periodic feedback on delegate/learner progress;